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Supporting Local Business

The Madison County Food & Beverage Co. supports local whenever possible… you should too!

10 reasons why…

1. Do the Math… Factors to consider:

Gas spent on travel and your meals, shipping fees, long line ups at the malls, traffic congestion, and the stress and aggravation of driving in potentially inclement weather… is it really worth it?

2. Keep the Dollars in Our Local Economy

Shopping in our community creates jobs, funds more services like education and emergency services through taxes, creates investment in neighbourhood improvement, and promotes community development.

3. Support Community Businesses

The Community benefits when you shop locally by naturally building strong neighbourhoods with sustainable communities. Businesses can  contributing to local charities, support sports teams, festivals, service clubs, school activities and the list goes on. Community is Power in Numbers and working with one another for one another.

4. Save the Environment

Reduce your environmental footprint and save by shopping in Orillia & the immediate surrounding area minimizing long taxing drives… burning less fuel and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. Orillia has everything you need.

5. Keep Our Area Unique

Unique specialty shops and products are an integral part of the distinctive character of our area in which the tourism industry benefits from. Choose to support local businesses and help maintain our area’s diverse and distinct flavour.

6. Consider What Our Retailers Are Facing

Stock is purchased six months in advance hoping to sell the upcoming season, pay their employees, pay their taxes, heat and hydro, donate to charity, and hopefully pay themselves. Buy local and catch the end of the season sales.

7. More Jobs and Wages

Supporting our local merchants simply means more jobs for our community.

8. Get Better Service

Area merchants take pride in hiring the right people who are passionate about their products and services… let’s support them by shopping locally so we can keep these jobs intact.

9. Lots of Great Products

With so many great stores, markets, restaurants and artisans, the choices are endless. There is a broad range of products and services available plus all the top brand names. Share the knowledge and experience with everyone you know.

10. We love our Community – Let’s Keep our Money Here & Build Our Community

We can encourage local prosperity by keeping our hard earned dollars in our local economy.