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We design, build and manage cafeterias!

The Madison County Team has 53 years of experience in the designing, building, and managing cafeterias for offices, factories, colleges, and universities. We pride ourselves on our ability to exceed the expectations of our clients and forge true partnerships along the way.


Madison County Cafeterias are tailored to meet the needs of each individual client in an effort to maximize participation through menu choices, quality products, value, and customer experience. Our hands-on management style means that decisions are made swiftly and effectively without multiple layers of bureaucracy.


Experience the difference professional certified chefs make in your foodservice experience. Enjoy homemade and delicious foods where you work or play.

Whether you have interest in a new design/build of a cafeteria or kiosk…or you are exploring opportunities for contractual operation of an existing facility let the Madison County Team prove our abilities by applying our unique approach on the project.

Conversation is free…Ask us for a reference from one of our satisfied clients. Find out why some of our relationships have lasted over 40 years!

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We purchase from only well known, reputable
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