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PR SUMATRA KATAMBE DARK 24×2.5oz Reunion Island


Individually packaged ground coffee. Portioned just right for the perfect pot every time!

Sumatra Ketambe is roasted to a dark color to enhance the coffeeÕs natural body and smokiness. It offers an intense aroma of caramel and chocolate with hints of plum.

These beans are handpicked when coffee cherries have ripened to a rich, deep red color. Coffee cherries produced in most regions are washed to remove fruity mucilage before drying. However, Sumatra Ketambe is processed differently Ñ whole, unpeeled coffee cherries are raked out on a large patio to dry in the sun. The extended contact between beans and the outer cherry helps to develop their prized flavour and aroma.

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Weight 4.40 lbs