Reunion Island Coffee Roasters

We are more than excited to announce that Reunion Island Coffee Roasters have won Roast Magazine’s Roaster of the Year 2015 Award! This very prestigious title is awarded on a GLOBAL scale, which means our customers are getting the BEST coffee in the world!


The Madison County Food & Beverage Co. started working with Reunion Island many years ago, developing great tasting gourmet coffees for our Madison County Coffee line up. Reunion Island have an incredible line up of high quality coffees, are a Canadian company like us, and have the knowledge and experience that comes with decades of service. We are proud to have them as partners, and we love that our Madison County Coffee products are roasted in their Bullfrog Power run facilities! Not only that, but we are the exclusive supplier of Reunion Island’s premium coffees and teas across central and northern Ontario.

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